Our Pandemic Response

Growthbuilt was quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic due to our company’s structure and agility of our workforce. The Leadership Team met regularly as the pandemic unfolded and continues to meet every afternoon monitoring the Government’s and Construction Industry’s position.

Our main approach and initiatives are covered in the Growthbuilt Pandemic Response Plan. We have also developed guidelines for Site-specific activities. We are working closely with our supply chain to ensure that not only stocks of essential products such as hand sanitisers, masks and gloves are maintained, but that we have ample materials and workers to continue building our projects in accordance with our programs.

As an organisation we have also theoretically worked through a number of COVID-19 specific scenarios: from persons infected on site to a complete company shutdown and are in the process of developing our recovery plan to ensure that the business is well placed to revert back to BAU.
Growthbuilt is pleased to state that during this time of societal upheaval our projects remain on time, on budget and are completed with a strong focus of everyone’s safety.

If you require a copy Growthbuilt’s action & response plan please reach out to the appropriate corresponding construction manager.