Pit Party!

To celebrate the completion of the excavation works ahead of time on our Goodman commercial project in Macquarie Park, the project delivery team held a ‘bottom of pit party’ with our clients, consultants and subcontractors. The next phase is up, up and away with 4 levels of basement and 11 storeys of commercial office to build. Thank you to all of our key partners Goodman, WMK Architecture, BG&E, DBS Consulting Australia, Hurley Palmer Flatt Group, AT&L, Innova Services, Renyi, Acoustic Logic Consultancy, Arcadia Landscaping, DELTA FOUNDATIONS CO. (Piling / Shoring Contractor), Sydney Sanitary Plumbing, Nassif Civil, GALPERN ELECTRICS PTY LTD and ICR Air Conditioning Pty Ltd. With completion in 2020 we look forward to handing over this commercial tower to our valued client Goodman. A great project, a great team and even better outcomes being achieved.