Growthbuilt have an established strong senior leadership team with specialised expertise in construction, services, cost planning, design management, BCA, ESD and WHS&E. These senior resources are allocated to projects as required to ensure practical solutions and risk management strategies are implemented so that project requirements are achieved.

Our specialist and multi-skilled project delivery teams are enforced to ensure adequate resourcing is available for all of our projects and are committed to the continued long-term success of Growthbuilt and our clients.


  • Director & Joint CEO

    Colin Rahim

    Colin Rahim
  • Director & Joint CEO

    Peter Sukkar

    Peter Sukkar
  • A/ CFO

    John O'Brien

  • General Manager

    Adam Ashcroft

  • Head of Strategic Growth and Partnerships

    Amy Williams

  • Head of People & Culture

    Mitchell Stubbs

  • Head of WHS&E

    Don Zakroczymski

  • Construction Manager

    Naim El-Kaderi

Key Design & Delivery

  • Design & Quality Manager

    Lianna Augoustis

  • Senior Building Services Manager

    Wayne Simmons

  • Senior Design Manager

    Lara Low

Key Development Team

  • Development Manager

    Jordan Chilcott

  • Development Manager

    Jenna Stamparidis