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    The Carl
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Built with top-down precision

The Carl

Creating 140 high quality new residences over a busy rail corridor posed unique challenges. First came the demolition plus a major sewer diversion with the excavation. Next, our generator powered cranes were carefully sited among high–voltage power lines. With these measures in place, we began a meticulous top-down build to deliver the architect’s vision. Despite the challenges, The Carl’s two structures rose faster than expected thanks to a nine day pour cycle and pre-cast external walls.

  • Client
    Bridgeland Investment & Thinc Projects
  • Location
    Carlingford, Sydney
  • Architect
    aleksandar design group
  • Project Duration
    05.15 - 05.17
The Carl

“Given the size of the project, three staged Construction Certificates were issued allowing for staged work to progress easily and ensuring that there were no delays in the flow of work. Growthbuilt have been very good to work with as they are thorough and made the process smooth.”

Ivan Boulle
Building Control Group

The Carl
The Carl
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