Working Together

It is beyond inspiring to watch the entire Property, Development and Construction industry come together to work and push through this tough time to keep the economy moving forward. This includes our Growthbuilt Macquarie Park Corporate Centre team, who are nearing completion on Goodman’s latest commercial tower at 2 Banfield Road, Macquarie Park. The collaboration and cooperation amongst all partners, consultants, and subcontractors has been nothing short of sensational during this unprecedented time. Everyone has continued to prove their commitment to the project, their business and each other whilst following our responsive and heightened health and safety processes and protocols as they work on the proactive and effective delivery for our valued clients Goodman. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside all our key delivery partners (listed in our comments) to deliver this exceptional design and construct office space spanning across 15,000m2. We thank you for your continued efforts especially during this current environment. With completion mid-year, we are excited to bring this new landmark building to the area and turn Goodman’s commercial tower vision into a reality!