Growthbuilt’s stakeholders – workers, clients, customers, contractors, suppliers and the community – have an expectation that its operations are being managed safely and in a way which protects the environment and conserves resources.

Provision of an accredited Integrated Management System, incorporating health and safety, quality and environmental management provides an important link between our systems, operational risk management and our legal and moral obligations to ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly project or workplace.

You can read more on Growthbuilt’s HSE Principles, Safety Drivers and Key Objectives here ¬

Growthbuilt Safety Continuum

“Personal safety is of the highest priority for FRNSW. Growthbuilt
maintained site conditions and regular communication which was
necessary to ensure the health and safety of site personnel and of
FRNSW staff and visitors at all times.”

Leigh Cashel
Project Manager
Fire & Rescue NSW

Inclusion and diversity

At Growthbuilt, we believe that innovation stems from the collaboration of individuals with different ideas and opinions which is a result of having a diverse workforce. By employing a wide range of people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, Growthbuilt has managed to create an inclusive culture. A key to our success has been our ability to create an environment that values individual perspectives and encourages employees to contribute.

Growthbuilt is proud to be recognised as an Equal Opportunity Employer. We believe that every individual should be given an opportunity based on their capabilities and not on their heritage, lifestyle, gender or physical attributes.

One example of how we promote diversity within Growthbuilt is our effort to increase the number of women across Growthbuilt’s leadership and site-based positions. Currently, 25% of the workforce is made up of women, which is well above the industry average of 11.7% (Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2016). In addition, 20% of leadership roles are currently held by women. Growthbuilt is taking a market leading stance to address the under-representation of women across the construction industry. By 2019, we hope to achieve our aspirational target of 40% of women in our total workforce and 30% of leadership roles held by women.

We’re proud to be working alongside the Property Council of Australia, NSW Diversity Committee, National Association of Women in Construction, and Property Male Champions of Change to drive positive change across the construction industry.


Sustainability refers to the ability to sustain a defined behaviour indefinitely. At Growthbuilt, we understand that sustainability encompasses economic, environmental, and social aspects.

For Growthbuilt, sustainability requires sound decision making that takes the economic, environmental and social aspects into consideration in all aspects of our business. This mindset defines how we engage our people and collaborate with our clients, consultants, financiers, and subcontractors to deliver our projects safely, with high quality, and on time.



Growthbuilt’s Green Responsibility


At Growthbuilt, we believe our responsibility to the environment is to be influencers in sustainable design and work proactively to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Influencing sustainable design

As a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, we have Green Star Accredited Professional employees who are committed to using their knowledge to make environmentally sustainable design choices. We strive to deliver environmentally sustainable buildings by working with our clients, consultants, and subcontractors early in the process. Our teams work proactively by assessing the buildings’ entire lifecycle and collaborate to develop design, material and purchasing choices to minimise environmental impacts.

Environmental impacts from our operations

To ensure that we assess and manage our environmental impact an Environmental Management Plan developed at the beginning of every project. As a part of this document, all project-specific environmental management requirements are identified and documented for each project using an Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001. We ensure that all Growthbuilt activities performed are compliant with environmental legislation and regulations by conducting regular third-party audits of the Environmental Management System.


Growthbuilt has enjoyed great success as a diverse and inclusive business and are committed to contributing to the well-being of the communities and individuals associated with our company.

We continuously seek to engage with community groups to implement initiatives that encourage interaction between Growthbuilt clients, employees and the local community. In the construction industry, teamwork is the foundation of any successful project, and at Growthbuilt we believe that sport lays the foundations for developing teamwork and relationships. Therefore, we are committed to sponsoring sporting clubs around Sydney to ensure the continued growth and success of each club from grassroots through to the elite level. The clubs we are currently sponsoring include the Growthbuilt Sydney University Australian National Football Club, Sydney University Women’s AFL Club and the Maccabi Hakoah Sydney City East FC.

Mental health and well-being of workers in the construction industry is a growing issue. Growthbuilt is proud to be a partner of programs such as The Big Anxiety and MATES in Construction, which are working to reduce the number of suicides and related incidents among construction workers.

Growthbuilt have also partnered with Birds of Passage and Property Industry Foundation to raise the awareness of the homeless crisis in Sydney and give back to the community by helping the most-at-risk and vulnerable members of our communities.

Growthbuilt are committed to contributing to the community and sharing in our successes as a contractor. We are proud sponsors of the:

Growthbuilt SUANFC