• Project
    Killara High School
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Live Environment
Government Education Upgrade

Killara High School educates for life, providing a diversity of learning to support the development of every student which required a new building to facilitate education in the modern age. Killara High School has a rich history as an outstanding secondary school, but it also has a vibrant present and an exciting future which require an architecturally exciting building that combined different shapes and textures for a modern teaching experience. Growthbuilt also worked with the school to utilize the hill and gradient of the land to create an architecturally striking building built into to the hillside with a vast flexible undercroft for student enjoyment.

Internally the project delivered 15 new permanent teaching spaces, two specialist spaces, and upgrades to some of the school’s existing core facilities. The new teaching spaces offer the latest technology in teaching methods within the science laboratories. All with bespoke and specialist equipment suited to the individual requirements of the school. The student areas have been designed to be highly functional with specialist areas such as the laboratories but also flexible where they can enlarge to accommodate a higher quantity of students using the latest technical screens to present to students virtually. Forward thinking design gave the effects of covid-19 during the construction of the new facility.

  • Client
    Schools Infrastructure NSW
  • Location
    Koola Avenue, Killara

Project Innovations

The primary innovation for this project was to maintain close to zero impact on the school. Killara is known for being one of the highest performing schools in the state, and with construction going through exams period, it was crucial for both the school and Growthbuilt that the construction process was efficient as possible. Furthermore, with the unplanned and unforeseen insurgence of covid-19 the project was put on even more stress to deliver the high-quality project on the program agreed to – Day 1 Term 2.

Materials handling on the project was examined and a method created to manage trucks in and out of site and the loading zone at special times to ensure minimal impact to the school and student and teacher safety.

Use of the light-weight roof enabled the team to get a prefabricated metal roof delivered to site which fixed pre-made pieces of lightweight roof together and provided a 50% reduction on on-site installation. This allowed a just time approach for materials being delivered to site. Secondly, due to a lack of storage on site – the material needed to be delivered to site the exact time they were to be installed. Growthbuilt were able to successfully share the space with another project team with minimal impact to operations of the school.

“Growthbuilt were contracted for the major capital works at Killara High School in 2019/2020.

As the ‘end user’ and as the site occupier during the entire process I found the whole team at Growthbuilt to be very professional, courteous and obliging throughout the entire build.

They delivered a quality end product to the highest standards.

I would have no reservations in recommending them for any construction projects!”

Bruce Davidson,
Business Manager, Killara High School